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3Sixty Sensory at a Glance

The motivation in setting up 3Sixty Sensory came from my 10 year old daughter who is autistic and was born with serious heart problems and other issues. She wasn't supposed to live past a few days.

Being autistic she has heightened senses and has a completely different approach to the use of her 5 main sense compared with myself.

My journey to find ways to help her examine and deal with her sensory issues made me even more aware of my own senses and the way I have neglected and abused these over many years. This came to the forefront in 2019 when I suffered a heat attack and then recently I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. What a mess to be in.

My journey has helped me appreciate my senses more and how to use them to improve my own lifestyle and extend my life so I can continue to care for my daughter.

In developing the website ( I have focused on the 5 main senses of Sight, Touch, Taste, Sound, and Smell. It is an ongoing work in progress introducing products that can be categorized in accordance with these senses.

Of particular interest right now is the sense of Taste as I have become almost addicted to smoothies and the unending range of tastes. Needless to say the health benefits from these smoothies are unparalleled which is a huge bonus. 

My passion for these smoothies with the immense health benefits is such that I have introduced an eBook that helps people start the Green Smoothie journey. This is a short, concise introduction with a number of tasty menus that will help people commence this journey with me.  

Check our products in the Taste Collection ( and be sure to stay in touch for more updates.

I will be adding one new recipe to my blog each week that will guarantee an ongoing variety of tastes, flavors, and health benefits for a very long time to come.



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