Vegan Food

Vegan Food

I was advised by my cancer specialist that I can live another 10 to15 years providing I am successful with the radiation therapy and providing I live an exceptionally good life.

Since my first diagnosis 3 months ago I have modified my diet (no sugar, sweets, junk food etc) and stepped up my daily walking regime. So far I have dropped 10kgs or more with a plan to get back to 85kg (down from 99.6kg) so I still need to be more diligent with my food intake.

To this end I have researched vegetarian and vegan food styles and have made the conscious decision to drop all forms of meat from my diet and focus more on plant based foods that are free from artificial chemicals etc. I am terrified by the price of advertised "organic" vegetables as they are bloody expensive in the supermarket. At the same time I have researched all alternatives and focused on what I have learned from the vegetarian and vegan specialists. Needless to say the diets of my two girls and my wife (who is type 2 diabetic) are changing rapidly and hopefully they will follow my direction.

Throughout this journey I have engaged with several people who are skilled at preparing vegan menus which go beyond the diets of only pumpkin seeds and raw vegetables. These are often great for clearing the bowels but are definitely boring and short lived as a main form of sustenance.

There are some foods that I cannot give up quickly which include dairy products and eggs. There are vegan alternatives but I prefer to stay at this stage with what I have been brought up with. Therefore I cannot classify myself as vegan but I can sure indulge in the wide variety of vegan recipes that are tasty, exciting, healthy, and visually appealing. With these recipes I can satisfy two (maybe 3) of my senses being taste and sight. In the purest form I could say my sense of smell is satisfied also due to the aromas of some of the vegan condiments I have learned to prepare. 

Remember "You don't have to be vegan to eat and enjoy vegan food"

As a result of all of this I have compiled two more recipe books covering a large range of Vegan Sandwiches as well as a range of Bold and Spicy Recipes. My plan is to add a further 4 books to my range of vegetarian and vegan food hopefully with a focus on Asian cooking.

As a closing note I am also preparing a new Smoothie book that goes beyond the Green Smoothie and includes all types of smoothies that will guarantee to satisfy the most fussy of palates with over 100 recipes. This will be available in the next 2 weeks.

In the meantime why not check out the website ( to learn more about the vegan food. Note I am slowly reducing all other products from my store and will focus 90% on food.

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