We established 3Sixty Sensory in recognition of our Autistic daughter’s heightened sensory awareness and to create more awareness of everyone’s use of the five main senses (taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell).

To this end we have introduced New Freedom Collections that have heightened appeal as the world finds new freedom from the devastations of the global Covid 19 pandemic.



The New Freedom Collections Skincare Products embrace an 
Australian range of natural products that are Pharmacist
formulated and hand crafted in a purpose built skincare laboratory on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Our products are

* Paraben Free
* Sulphate Free
* No synthetic fragrances
* No artificial colours
* Cruelty Free
* Australian made
* Australian Botanical ingredients
* And mostly Vegan

With more than 10 years of industry experience supplying mostly the commercial industry our formulators are from Pharmacy and Beauty Therapy backgrounds. All products are pharmaceutical grade containing vitamins, peptides, AHA/BHAs and proven active ingredients.



Taste is one of our most active senses which inspires me to offer the healthiest and tastiest food options that maximizes your sense of taste without undue harm to your body.
From personal experience I have found immense benefits in turning to an almost plant-based diet that eliminates the harmful effects of introduced chemicals through farming and food processing.
I have included in this collection food choices that include Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian (Clean Eating and Paleo) along with a variety of healthy smoothie and juice recipes.
These recipes and eating plans have been developed in conjunction with nutritionists and healthy food enthusiasts from Canada and USA.


Through constant research and development, 3Sixty Sensory / New Freedom Collections will continue to find ways to help appeal to people’s senses with the maximum input of natural materials, foods and ingredients while at the same time providing an positive environmental outcome.

Long, healthy and happy lifestyles are the main aim in all endeavors.